Wanderbox Micro Edge

Wanderbox Micro Edge


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Far South Networks Wanderbox micro Edge integrates the world leading 3CX PBX software on a hardened, embedded server. This open standards PBX product supports:

  • Easy installation and management
  • 2 Ethernet, WiFi Access Point, LTE Cat 4 broadband modem, 1 USB & 32GB storage
  • Enhanced productivity with UC: Status, Chat, Voice and Video calling and more
  • Work on the go: Android & IOS, web-based softphone
  • WebRTC based Video Conferencing
  • Eco-system support: Warranties, software updates and likened feature upgrade, when needed!

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Technical brief

3CX certified to support up to 32 simultaneous calls and 50 PBX users

Dual Ethernet:

  • WAN: Gigibit Ethernet (RJ45)
  • LAN: 100Base-T Ethernet (RJ45)

Storage: 32GB

Fixed Wireless Access:

  • WiFi (802.11a/b/g) Access Point
    • GSM/LTE cat 4

Key Features

Ease of Use:

  • Pre-installed 3CX PBX software

One software solution for all environments:

  • Connectivity to IP & LTE infrastructure
  • Web-based management and provisioning

Secure & Open standards:

  • Most advanced security – A+ rating from SSL labs
  • IP phone auto-provisioning

True Enterprise services:

  • Web video conferencing
  • Call Center
  • CRM integration – Salesforce, Office 365, MS Dynamics, ZOHO
  • Fax server
  • Customer service – Click2Call from URL

Mobility work from anywhere!

  • IOS / Android Smartphone apps & Web client – Voice & Video calling
  • Collaboration – Presence, Chat, White boarding, File sharing
  • Productivity – Web meeting, Conference scheduler

Customer Service:

  • Click2Call: Live Chat & Talk
  • Dynamic “Least Cost Routing”

Cost saving:

  • Saving telco costs
  • Reduced travel costs

What’s in the package

  • Wanderbox micro
  • Power Supply
  • 2 * LTE Antenna (2dB gain)
  • Product leaflet
  • 3CX certified to support up to 32 sim calls & 50 PBX users
  • 2 Ethernet ports, 1 USB, 32GB storage
  • WiFi Access Point
  • LTE cat 4 modem

Wanderbox products provide the SMME with secure broadband connectivity, VoIP telephony, and the world leading 3CX PBX package, supporting advanced Contact Center, CRM integration, BYOD mobility (mobile and web apps) and web-based Video Conferencing.